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In vmware ESXI You can get some auto-generated address when creating new VM NIC.

The weird issue

This works just fine, unless You want to import the VM on different host. Then, an error message will appear, saying that the MAC address is reserved.


Navigate to .vmx file of the VM. Add this to the end of file:

ethernet0.checkMACAddress = "FALSE"
ethernet1.checkMACAddress = "FALSE"

ethernetX.checkMACAddress = "FALSE"

*WHere X is the eth number.

Explicitly set the MAC:

ethernet0.address = "00:0c:29:00:00:00"
ethernetX.address = "00:00:00:00:00:00"

Update vib

esxcli software vib update -v /vmfs/volumes/volume-uuid/Folder/esxui-signed.vib

Update or install vibs manually and selectively, and only if there is strong justification or serious reason to do it.

I have experience with installation of vib provided by "certified vendor" which destroyed the whole ESXi host !