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Zello VOX functionality is now supported by default.
No workaround is required.

Thank You Zello !!

Zello Android VOX Support


Zello is frequently used to link two-way radios with mobile phones or computers via the Internet. TX and RX is usually controlled using VOX, which is NOT ideal, but very simple to implement. (You just need a passive cable)

Of course, VOX must be supported and configured on both sides; Zello and two-way radio transceiver.

VOX feature in Zello

Is only available in desktop PC app, which makes the whole system very complicated, vulnerable and a little more expensive.

For PC setup You need:

  • PC w/ Windows
  • License for Windows
  • UMTS/LTE modem
  • Router w/ USB modem support
  • Audio Cable
  • Two-way transceiver
  • Low-noise power supply

Luckily, Zello is available for Android. Unfortunately, VOX feature is NOT available.

For Android phone setup You need:

  • Android phone
  • Audio Cable
  • Two-way transceiver
  • Low-noise power supply
  • My naughty workaround to enable VOX feature

TLDR --->> Enable VOX for Zello Android app <<---


  • Open Android Market and download application "Automate"
  • Tap on menu icon (three gray vertical squares), tap "Import"
  • Import this workflow (click to download)
  • Tap on workflow called VOX, tap start
  • Open Zello app, open contact where You want to broadcast. (screen with large MIC button)
  • Test it like me on Youtube
  • If it works don't touch it. Get away, leave it alone. OR Send me a message, try to fix it ;))

Final setup:


Check these:

  • Automatic screen locking
  • Insufficient permissions for Zello and Automate
  • Automate sleeps in background

How I managed to make this work ?

Here is some official documentation:

© Jaroslav Henzely 2017